Toby Fox’s Cult Classic Undertale Coming to Nintendo Switch


It seems like a match made in paradise: Nintendo Switch along with the cult classic Cartoon game Undertale. And as the game began porting to additional programs — actually handhelds — several Nintendo fans waited with baited breaths for the expected announcement. Well, breathe deep friends: Undertale is coming into Nintendo Switch.

News comes by way of Nintendo after the Nintendo Direct. While small especially is cited in the announcement, the writer does affirm that it’s going to be heading to Nintendo Switch and “launching details will arrive in a subsequent date. ” However, for the frequently rabid fans of both goods, simply that little a statement will probably be enough.

For all those from the loop, then the solo-developer project   Undertale is a GameMaker Studio job which came out from the magician and took the gambling world by storm at 2015. With little to provide aesthetically, the game is packed with amazing music, witty humor, and dynamic gameplay concepts that haven’t been observed in the gaming sphere — features that better remain a mystery for people who haven’t played the game yet.

Undertale lived two decades as a PC exclusive prior to declaring it’d be coming to both the PS4 and PlayStation Vita in Summer 2018.

As stated above, Undertale will be coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in the future; individuals who want to enjoy the game now can perform on PC, PS4, and PlayStation Vita.

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