Anthem Writer Drew Karpyshyn has Left Bioware for the Second Time

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Hardcore fans of Bioware are probably familiar with Drew Karpyshyn, who’s served as one of the main authors on past names like   Mass Effect 2 and   Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. After leaving the studio a couple of years ago, Karpyshyn had returned to assist write for Bioware’s new endeavor  Anthem. Last week though, Karpyshyn declared that he has again departed in the studio.

In a post on his official website, Karpyshyn revealed he had left Bioware about March 2. He made light of this decision by stating that this it probably seemed familiar since it’s currently the second time he’s “retired” from the studio. Karpyshyn went on to mention that the reason for his departure was so that he might, “pursue several other projects, such as more first books, an original sci-fi picture book I am co-creating, along with freelance gaming work. ”

It’s important to remember that Karpyshyn leaving Bioware by no means signals that Anthem is currently in dire straits. At this point in   Anthem’s development, Karpyshyn has likely finished nearly all of his duties on the project as the remaining part of the development team works towards polishing and minding  the merchandise before launch.

Anthem was originally slated to release 2018 but had been recently postponed into early 2019. We ought to find out more about Bioware’s ambitious next title this June through EA Play in Los Angeles.

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