Gabe Newell Says Artifact will be “First of Several Games” Coming from Valve


Valve has shifted away from developing software over the past few years as they have instead focused on creating hardware and catering to the infrastructure of the Steam service. Going forward however, it feels like the company is ready to focus again on making more games.

During a current event focused on the upcoming Dota 2-inspired card game Artifact, Valve’s co-founder Gabe Newell spoke about the business moving forward and how   Artifact isn’t the only game that Valve has in the pipeline. Newell told those in attendance the next:

Artifact is the very first of many games that are going to be arriving from us. So that’s sort of great news. Hooray! Valve’s going to begin shipping games again. ”

Newell continued to expand this by stating that he wouldn’t disclose any additional details at the moment, but that Valve includes a renewed interest in developing both software and hardware in tandem together. He proceeded to mention Nintendo specifically and how Valve has ever been somewhat envious of them for having the ability to juggle both software and hardware creating undesired.

“We’ve been a tiny bit jealous of companies like Nintendo. If Miyamoto is sitting and considering the next model of Zelda or Mario, ” he’s thinking what is the controller going to look like, what type of images and other capabilities. He can present new abilities like motion input since he controls both of those things. And he could produce the hardware seem as good as possible because he’s designing the applications at the exact same time that’s really going to make the most of it. So that’s something we all’ve been envious of, which’s something which you simply’ll see us taking advantage of afterward. ”

When many fans have pined for Valve to come back to the days of producing popular titles such as   Half-LifeTeam Fortress, and   Left 4 Dead, it looks like the past few years are experimental for the studio and have provided them with some invaluable learning experiences as soon as it comes to creating hardware. If Valve can shoot these learnings and apply them if working on new games, we could observe the company enter a new era in the place where they come back to what makes them such a popular programmer in the first place while continuing to innovate in the hardware space.

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