State of Decay 2 Shows Off 25 Minutes of Co-op Multiplayer in Gameplay Footage

PC, Xbox One

Anyone after gaming press must expect a great deal of information about State of Decay 2 in the upcoming few months. Not only is it developer Undead Labs’ zombie game ramping up into a May 22 launch date, however, the game is part of book IGN’s “IGN First” program — a type of marketing blitz via publication-exclusive information briefings. As well as the benefit of this blitz comprises some of the longest gameplay footage we all’ve observed about the open-world survival game.

Swapping between all four players, you find the team take on the roads and beat down zombies, all while looting automobiles, buildings, and some other bodies they can. It seems that — as expected with most zombie titles — the title of this game is crowd controller, so that you aren’t overwhelmed by the undead hordes.

Outside of the real mechanics of gameplay, we see a couple of diverse environments and how gameplay becomes usually more stressed when night rolls in. Outside on-foot drifting, there’s a reasonable amount of driving peppered into provide some extra mobility. Oh, and scratching the unquenchable urge to run down each brain-eater in sight.

More information about State of Decay 2 is undoubtedly along the road, given it’s one of the biggest Microsoft releases coming out of this year — let this Spring. Outside the launch date announcement, we learned lately that State of Decay 2 will be a part of the updated Xbox Game Pass  along with other significant titles such as  Crackdown 3if that game comes out.

If You’re interested in a zombie killing, rip-roaring combined gameplay, check out the IGN-provided gameplay vide under:


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