Achievements for A Way Out are Live, 14 in Total

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Outspoken developer Josef Fares and Hazelight Studios’ upcoming   co-op adventure game A Way Out is slated to launch next week, that naturally means it’s about that time for the achievements and trophies to go live.

The achievements for A Way Out appeared lately over on Exophase and workout at fourteen in total. Right now, the trophies for A Way Out aren’wont reside, so its still uncertain whether the PS4 variant will boast the most coveted platinum trophy. That also means that as of today, we don’t know that which accomplishments will be assigned bronze, silver, or gold decorations. These will likely go live within the upcoming few days.

For now, here are some achievements for the game along with their unlock descriptions and gamerscore values. None of the descriptions seem to spoil narrative elements of this game, so that you shouldn’t need to be wary of spoilers.

  • Have A Breather — You chose a break from everything. – 50 GS
  • In Sync — Music has been played in stability. – 80 GS
  • Timeless Treasure — You linked up to get past. – 100 GS
  • No Cheating — You subjected some infidelity. – 50 GS
  • Break From Fact — You performed a videogame with a friend. — You took to the heavens. – 50 GS
  • Managed Anger — Dark wants performed accurately – 80 GS
  • Live The Fantasy — “Houston we’Id had a issue. ” – 100 GS
  • Backseat Mechanic — You helped fix the bicycle. – 50 GS
  • Take It For A Spin — You’d what the wind couldn’t. – 80 GS
  • You Started It — Not kids anymore. – 80 GS
  • The Twist — You put a new record. – 100 GS
  • House Run — You are clearly good with a bat. – 50 GS

A Way Out is due out next week on March 23 and is accessible for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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