Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s Update Keeps Guards from Being Overly Frisky (and More)

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Some say it’s corruption others say it is just a lack of private space. Either way, guards coming up and frisking you for stolen substance is a remarkably frequent issue for the historically-based open globe RPG. That’s… it was, before  Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s newest upgrade rolled out a couple weeks ago.

Today, don’t think it is just me discovering the overly-touchy guards. It is a recurring issue mentioned in the game’s Steam community, causing many to wonder if this is a decision they wrongly produced along the road. According to a player:

My standing with guards dropped from 50 to 49 despite never being caught doing ill, now they keep search me don’t have any idea how to raise my reputation together and stop their stupid search

As funny as that situation sounds in the third-person, it is a constant aggravation for players resulting in a push for programmer Warhorse Studios to make a shift. And make.

Innocuously put into the game’s newest patch notes for version 1.3.1, Warhorse revealed that “Guards won’t frisk you so often. ” In other words, expect individuals to start resecting your personal space in Rattay.

Needless to say, this is far from the headline shift in the patch notes — most of which concentrate on overall stability. Saving is improved, using a new feature for players to “Save Exit” — a apparently trivial feature for most open-world games. On top of that, save files will be corrupted much less often following an accident.

Exterior of quality of life enhancements, players may expect some improvements in the more sneak-based attributes: lockpicking and pickpocketing. Lockpicking gets the most rapid change, with a brand new interface design to center on this “sweet spot. ” On top of that, Easy and Very Easy locks have become easier for controllers. Meanwhile, pickpocketing will show off the danger more accurately and you won’t get caught by stopping the activity mid-minigame.

Aside from all of this, there are all around fixes to miniature issues and more than 300 quests to offer you a more secure experience — something which Warhorse Studio is quite definitely targeting, according to a misread statement to media. These fixes are a boon — especially to console players — since they lack the exceptionally ambitious experience, one reason we awarded   Kingdom Come: Deliverance a 6.0 from 10.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is accessible now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out the full patch notes, below:

  • The game today has Save and Exit attribute.
  • Saving is significantly more robust and saves won’t get corrupted even when the game crashes while conserving.
  • Stuttering in certain areas decreased.
  • Somewhat smoother framerate on Vsync 30. (Consoles plus some PCs)
  • Improved lockpicking
    • New interface design makes it much easier to hold the sweet spot whilst turning on the lock. (Mouse difficulty unchanged)
  • Enriched pickpocketing
    • You will no longer get caught if you quit at the start of the minigame. (Unless someone sees you)
    • The threat index is currently a lot more exact. After green, you are sure to not get captured.
  • Alchemy bench will no longer take you to the air.
  • The previous quest with Lord Capon is currently visible on the map when he is about to assign it.
  • Guards won’t frisk you so frequently.
  • Horse items are cleaned along with player items in bathhouses.
  • It’s possible to observe if looking at a bed whether it is going to spare your game.
  • You can sleep on beds without having to sit down first.
  • Levelling up stealth by slipping past enemies is more consistent.
  • Sneaking past sleeping NPCs is now simpler.
  • Some readily accessible trunks with exceptionally great loot are eliminated.
  • Cave mushrooms are now able to be found in many other moist places.
  • You can no more autocook potions that you harbor’t warm by hand at least one time before.
  • Late game player asset tweaked
    • Some battle perks which were unintentionally overpowered were educated down.
    • Weapons scale with high speed stats.
    • It should now be much harder to kill high-energy enemies with one hit.
    • Enemy combat archery AI enhanced.
    • Guards now respond to fight more aggressively.
    • And several other minor tweaks.
  • (PC only) It is now possible to choose unique types of anti-aliasing.
  • (PC only) It is currently possible to place VSync to 30 or 60, or disable it completely.
  • (PC only) Steam Cloud rescue empowered.
  • And over 300 other repairs in a variety of quests.
  • Improved CPU load balancing – better performance.
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