Team17 Announces Partnership with Planet Alpha Developer

PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

British publisher Team17 along with Denmark-based independent programmer Planet Alpha ApS today announced the upcoming Cartoon name  Planet Alpha has formally joined the Team17 family.

According to the press launch, Planet Alpha will start this season for PlayStation 4Switch, Switch, Xbox One, and PC through Steam. The announcement of the newly-formed venture will enable the studio to obtain the tools and make sure that Planet Alpha reaches its full potential.

If you’re unaware of  the game, Planet Alpha has been  an upcoming platformer features a lovely and vibrant alien world filled with danger and suspense. Pursued by persistent adversaries, players need to endure within this world by utilizing the power of day and night.

Before his death  in IO, Lazar assisted on the Evolution of Hitman (2017), Hitman: Absolution, also Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days.

It is possible to watch the announcement trailer. To find out more on Planet Alpha, head to this official site. Furthermore, take a look at a couple of screenshots of the game courtesy of Team17. As stated before, Planet Alpha doesn’t have a release date, even though its Steam webpage has revealed that the game is anticipating   a Q3 release.

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