Gunman Clive Creator Teases His Next Project on Twitter with New Image


Even though Gunman Clive proved to be a very short and simple game, its unique aesthetics helped to make it a runaway victory on the 3DS’s eShop at 2012; it had been followed it up with a great sequel in 2015 along with an HD set around the Wii U. Following a brief hiatus from game development, Gunman Clive creator Bertil Hörberg‏‏ began working on a fresh job six months past.

Now, we finally obtained a new glimpse at this job on his Twitter account. While the job is still currently without a publicly known name, he did launch the next Tweet with a in-game screenshot:

Both the visual style and concentrate on city-destroying giant robots are quite different from Gunman Clive, but I am still very curious to see in which Bertil Hörberg’s brand new job goes. Bertil Hörberg affirmed in a later Tweet which they’re creating the game with Nintendo Switch as the primary platform, that makes sense considering the success he discovered about the 3DS.  

While details on this title are currently rare, DualShockers will make certain to allow you to know when more information is released. This project is now without a release window, but we do know it’s coming to Nintendo Switch.

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