Muv-Luv Creator Would Like to Work With International Creatives on Stories Set in their Countries


Even the Muv-Luv series extends Far beyond Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative that have been released in the west. Not just it spans a  somewhat extensive timeline, but it touches several areas of its war-torn globe, from Japan to East Germany, also by the United States into Egypt.

Yet, the series’ founder Koki Yoshimune would love to make it more global with the aid of its lovers, as he informed DualShockers during a recent interview at Ixtl’s headquarters at Akihabara, Tokyo.

Yoshimune-san clarified the franchise was created about fifteen decades before, and it was initially targeted at young Japanese gamers. He was surprised that the series’ fame expanded all over the planet, and is now inspiring the young generations out Japan.

The atmosphere itself isn’t unique to Japan, and Muv-Luv tales could be put in several diverse regions. That’s why Yoshimune-san is hoping to see gifted creators in every single country step ahead to create Muv-Luv stories set within their own regions.

He’d like to one day be able to collaborate with young artists and creatives from all around the world in creating their own countries’ Muv-Luv tales.

Both games have recently been re-released on Steam, and they’ll come to PS Vita this summer.

Naturally, it is possible to look forward to the complete interview, that’ll be published soon here on DualShockers.

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