Epic Games Temporarily Removes Guided Missile From Fortnite

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Ever since it was released a couple of weeks before, the product that everyone wants to get their hands on is your guided missile launcher. The simple fact that it can be precisely   controlled and prices high damage makes it a highly sought after piece of gear.

As stated by the developer’s official Twitter accounts, which is where the information was originally shown, it was discovered that the launcher is currently suffering with an animation issue, which was the cause of the removal.

At the time of the writing, it’s unknown when the launcher will be used back into the game, so until then, players will just need to settle for the regular Rocket Launcher or the grenade launcher for all of their ranged explosive needs.

In other Fortnite news, today v3.5 of this popular game has been formally introduced, which provides a fresh item Port-a-fort, in addition to a slew of different items.

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