God of War — Watch Us Unbox the Beautiful Review Kit


Sony Interactive Entertainment is proven to create some really cool review kits for its very best games. They almost look like Collector’s Editions, and a great deal of effort goes into designing them.

That’s why, to observe the upcoming release of God of War, we decided to share with you exactly what its inspection kit resembles, using a complete unboxing video.

As you will notice in the video below, the kit contains a particular box, a mini-artbook, the game disk, a coin decal (at least that’so what I believe that’s), a bookmark, and a metal medallion. It’s definitely worthy of Kratos’ latest and greatest experience.

If you wish to read what we consider the game, you may take a look at our review, which as you will see in the movie, is a really well deserved high score. You may also have a look at the difference between operation style and resolution mode in the game.

You are still in time to pre-order the game, that releases April 20th exclusively on PS4.  You are able to do this on Amazon.

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