God of War Director Talks About a Moment in Which “Everything Was Falling Apart”; Would Like to Work on His Own IP


Yet it’s worth mentioning that in game development success comes at the price of a mountain of effort, and now there are often moments in which programmers struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Apparently, this happened to Barlog himself at some point during the maturation of God of War, as he mentioned during an interview on the Ability Up YouTube station.

According Barlog, a moment was in the middle of the project where “ what fell apart ” along with the team struggled to meet some deadlines. At that moment, developers couldn’t capture particular scenes to work since they couldn’t crack the code controlling the positioning of the camera (which in the final game seamlessly follows the action without cuts). By himself believing “ what am I at that moment, time was spent by Barlog? Im fakingna be the individual who brought it down and took a franchise. ”

Luckily, Barlog didn’t give up, and ended up bringing us a great experience. In the interview, he also said a line for his staff is “ uncertainty than dread will ” he summarizes with “ fuck doubt ” kills dreams. It may be a variant on “ doubt kills fantasies than failure ever will quotation by Suzy Kassem, although he doesn ’ t remember who said it.

It appears He would like to work to his own IP in the long run:

“I really would love to make something of my next, something which really is truly 100% coming from my initial vision. ”

Whilst Balrog believes that would be awesome that having been said, he also said hell need to find out whether he could convince Sony Interactive Entertainment about it.

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