Wolfenstein II on Nintendo Switch Seems Like the Worst Way to Play One of 2017’s Best Games

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It’s safe to say that I’theres a major fan of notably this sequel and this franchise .

At Bethesda Gameplay Day an event held by Bethesda Softworks during last weekend’s PAX East, that I was able to play the upcoming version of Wolfenstein II to the Nintendo Switch which was available to be demoed by the general public for the very first time. I was incredibly eager to see how   Wolfenstein II would make the leap to Nintendo’s console but unfortunately, I was met with a rough encounter.

The most obvious thing that myself and surely others will immediately notice when playing   Wolfenstein II on Switch is that the difference in framerate. Typically, I’m not one to worry a lot about framerate and that I firmly believe there are loads of shooters that run well enough in 30fps, but man, Wolfenstein II looked really rough in such a manner.

Wolfenstein II on Nintendo Switch Seems Like the Worst Way to Play One of 2017's Best Games

During my ten to fifteen minute demo that took place completely  from the Switch’s mode, I was bothered by the framerate . I am able tot state this with certainty, but there were times when playing which I felt as though the framerate might have even dipped below 30fps. This was noticeable to me visiting the splinters from burst apart and when smashing crates. Everything seemed to move during those cases. Again, I m not one to gripe about eyeglasses but this demonstration was choppy at times that because of everything it was doing for my eyes, I started to feel a bit queasy.

Luckily, when I was able to get somewhat utilised to the way in which the game performed, I revealed that the shooting mechanics and chaos that could ensue within Wolfenstein II was exactly the same on Switch. These minutes were few and far between, but once I managed to look beyond the performance difficulties, I could observe the exact same game was still found inside.

Also worth mentioning is that this demo employing a Pro Controller and I played with with, and it felt quite comfortable with all the shooter’s button layout. I did switch over to use the Joy-Cons at one minute, however they felt too cramped and I soon went back into the Pro Controller. If you do play with attaching the Joy-Cons into the side of the Switch screen you can switch gyro planning, which permits you to target by moving the Switch itself rather than using the right thumbstick. I just tested this feature out briefly and didn’t locate it to my private liking, so it turned off not too long afterwards.

Wolfenstein II on Nintendo Switch Seems Like the Worst Way to Play One of 2017's Best Games

To offer you hope this vent won’t function as saving, I wish to mention I did watch  Wolfenstein II working on a docked Switch at Nintendo’s stall about the PAX East show floor. While I didn’t move hands-on with this particular edition of the game, I’d observe some folks play it and I noticed it seemed to be significantly more stable compared to if playing in mode. The 30fps was a bit jarring, but the game looked a whole lot more sturdy in this nation. The Switch is a little device because of its novelty as a handheld, but heading from the eye test alone, this might be one game you be better off playing while docked.

Wolfenstein II on Nintendo Switch Seems Like the Worst Way to Play One of 2017's Best Games

There is absolutely no launch date to the Switch version besides a window of 2018, so hopefully they take any feedback from the PAX event and also do their best to enhance the game where needed.

Having said that, should you’ve already been holding off from enjoying that you could encounter it about the Switch, my impressions would tell you that you might want to reconsider.

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