Dragon Quest XI: Square Enix Reveals Which Scenes Will Be Voiced in English; Recording Is Already Done

PC, PS4, Switch

We recently discovered that Square Enix will add English voice acting to   Dragon Quest XI for PS4 and PC (and presumably into the Switch model coming down the line), however the announcement was fairly lean on which scenes could receive the treatment.

Producer Hokuto Okamoto was requested by us through an interview in PAX East to shed more light on the amount of the voice acting.

Okamoto-san clarified that of the cinematics, cutscenes, as well as the combat arenas, will be voiced. On top of this, the game also includes “party but just “a portion” of these may have voice acting added.

In addition to this, we also understand that Square Enix has finished the recording of their voice track.

Okamoto-san then clarified the reason the Japanese version didn’t have voice acting is that the scenario by Yuji Horii along with the script of this game proved quite vital for the team, which is the reason why a great deal of time went into improving their quality until the last minute. At that stage, there was not any time left to capture the voices.

On the other hand, such as the western version the script was in high quality and completed, therefore providing voice has been potential, but that wasn’t the sole reason. The world of Dragon Quest XI is a continent, and every place has its very own regional taste. It ’ s possible to enhance that flavor farther by adding voice acting. This produces depth and context for each area the player will see, which explains the team wanted to add voice acting from the edition that is western.

The PS4 version of the game can already be pre-ordered on Amazon. A Switch version will even come down the road, but it is going to take a while. We also heard that the game won’t demand some censorship.

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