Re-Logic Officially Cancels Development of Terraria: Otherworld

PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

This week Re-Logic, developer of Terraria,  announced the decision to stop operating around the spin-off of this initial title on Terraria’s  official forum.

The game has been  announced back in 2015.   A year after developer Engine Software was dropped in the project, and Pipeworks was included. Now, however, Re-Logic considers the game is too far out of its original vision and also behind schedule to continue.   They highlighted that quality would not dash to, in their own words, “proceeded to say and make a buck ”,

…we feel strongly that we owe to customers and our own community to uphold the standards that both you and we anticipate and to focus on providing the greatest games that we could for you all to play with.

Going forward, Re-Logic asserts they heard from their mistake in declaring that the game too early in development and will refrain from doing so for future projects.   They stated that facets of this game, such as code, design, and seems, would be utilized later on .

Even with this drawback, the active development of Terraria will not be affected by the end of Terraria: Otherworld, and upgrade 1.3.6 will proceed as planned.

Re-logic thanked players for their support in the long run by saying, “It’s that support that compels us daily to do amazing things for you. They added they were looking forward to sharing what is to come next for the studio.

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