Xbox Live Achievements are Coming to Nintendo Switch Version of Minecraft

Switch, Xbox One

In what is perhaps the strangest story of the week, it appears that Minecraft players will soon have the ability to make Xbox Live achievements while playing with the game over Nintendo Switch.

Patrick Maka was one of the very first to observe this revelation where he tweeted a screenshot of the accomplishment listing.

Polygon managed to affirm by reaching out to Microsoft, what Maka discovered. An agent from the company stated and responded:

“We can confirm that Minecraft players on Nintendo Switch will probably have the ability to make accomplishments attached to Xbox Live after the Bedrock upgrade is released. ”

Among the underlying factors that created this scenario possible was because of the fact that the Switch doesn’t have a native achievement program connected to this console. The PS4, on the flip side, doesn’t boast these achievements because of the use of the console’s trophy system.

When it does release however is simply login with your Xbox Live account on the Switch to begin bringing those accomplishments on your own.

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