Record of Lodoss War Action Game on Steam to Herald Revival of Legendary Fantasy Series


Thirty years before, the very first Record of Lodoss War novel by Ryo Mizuno, titled   The Grey Witch, hit Japan by storm, bringing a idea of dream nearer into the classic Dungeons & Dragons compared to what the local crowd has been used to.

While preserving its status, the series sort of slipped unbeknownst to the centuries. Yet, now that this series is now currently celebrating its thirtieth’ anniversary Kadokawa is ready to bring it back in a huge way.

We ll begin with this, since we ’ re a gambling site. A side-scrolling action game code called  simply   Record of Lodoss War is currently in development in Team Ladybug. You may know them to your charming   Shin Megami Tensei: Synchronicity Prologue. While there is not any launch window declared, the program is for a launch on Steam. You may see a trailer.

Beyond video games, a brand-new novel by Ryo Mizuno will finally extend the Lodoss world in winter 2018, along with a new variant of the tabletop RPG is going to be published in Japan in the fall. A box with the edition of the OVA series will launch in the nation on August 24th.

It’ll be definitely interesting to see whether   Record of Lodoss War will manage to catch the spotlight again until all this moment.   Another story by Ryo Mizuno, Record of Grancrest War, is currently being aired as a anime TV series and is getting a video game with Bandai Namco.

Yet, at least for me personally, it fails to capture the magic of the original   Lodoss.   I certainly hope to see this evolve into something larger in the future.

Record of Lodoss War Action Game on Steam to Herald Revival of Legendary Fantasy Series

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