Shenmue I & II HD Collection Pricing & New Details Revealed; Will Support Trophies & Achievements

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Shenmue  fans across the globe had much to celebrate last week as SEGA announced that it will finally be re-releasing the original pair of classic games consoles and PC later this year, and now some new details are shown regarding the expected collection.

YouTuber Adam Koralik released a video now with extra Information Regarding the upcoming Shenmue I & Shenmue II HD collection coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC later this year after a chance to check out the titles with SEGA in Japan.

Specifically, Koralik shown the re-released Shenmue titles will run $29.99 for both games, and physical versions of the collection will be accessible on PS4 and Xbox One, while PC will stay a digital-only launch.

Likewise, Koralik also addressed that Achievements and Trophies will be accessible across their platforms via consoles and PC.

While Koralik showed some fascinating info about the games, in addition, he explained in the video he is “only permitted to talk about like 5 percent of everything I heard,” so obviously we’ll get to understand considerably more concerning the siphoned set of classics because they close release.

Shenmue I & II HD set will release PS4, Xbox One, and PC later this year in the US, although it will launch only for PS4 in Japan. For more on the game, you can also test out some fresh 1080p screenshots of their classic games in action.

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