Feel VR’s New Peripherals Offer an Immersive Racing Experience; Kickstarter Fully Funded in Less Than Two Hours

PC, PS4, Xbox One

There’s no denying that even wheels for your gaming consoles can cost quite the pretty penny. Charging anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars, that gambling may be an investment for gamers who wish to immerse themselves entirely. Feel VR’s newest crowdfunding project intends to deliver racing wheels.

According to the product’s Kickstarter webpage, the manufacturer made the Feel VR Wheel to supply precisely the same ultra-realistic and thoroughly immersive racing “texture” which is provided by professional-grade goods, but also make it available to individuals on a small budget.

According to the business, Feel VR’s racing wheel used Immediate Drive, cutting outside the belt-drive, meaning that the wheel has been attached to the motor and operating with an force, velocity, and precision. To put it simply, this will be actually the closest thing to a racing wheel the marketplace has to offer.

Other features on the on the wheel contains a 1,000 Hz USB Data Speed as well as an RGB backlight that is adjustable. In addition to that, the accessory includes 500 rotations per minute and 32,000 counts per turn.

Along with a racing wheel, the more Kickstarter also funded the pedals, that implement an ultra-realistic Load Cell-based brake to further improve the experience even further.   The decision was because of how much it looks car brakes found on a real-life car.

As stated in the title of this guide, that the crowdfunding effort was financed in under 2 hours (75 minutes to be precise). While the effort has got $455,770 total using crowdfunding scheduled to finish on Friday, May 25. Even though the campaign was successfully financed, it’s highly encouraged for you to back this endeavor on Kickstarter, in case you’ve got the capital to do so as the costs for the peripherals, are fairly cheap (well, affordable for high-end racing accessories which is).

Several backer incentives include the $199 or more pledge, which will provide backers using a pair of this Feel VR Pedals, while these  will consist of this Feel VR Wheel, clearly, when you are seriously interested in trying these two products out and have the funds to accomplish this, consider pledging $599+. Within this pledge, you are going to get Wheel kit and exactly the Feel VR Pedals that includes both products.

Last, Feel VR has said that both products are compatible with PCs. While PlayStation 4 and Xbox One indigenous support is anticipated to be available within 6 to 12 weeks. Speaking of, the product is anticipated to begin shipping in November of this year.

Interested in seeing a much much better look? You can take a look at a couple of screenshots below.

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