PS4 Exclusive Record of Grancrest War Gets New Trailer Showing Story, Gameplay, and Characters


Today Bandai Namco Entertainment introduced another extensive trailer of  the recently-announced Record of Grancrest War, motivated by the anime based on the light novel series by Record of Lodoss War writer Ryo Mizuno.

The trailer reveals several facets of the game, for example, conflict gameplay, the menus that permit you to manage your army, some cute anime-like CGI scenes, dialogue, characters, and narrative, giving a rather extensive overview on the title.

You can take a look below. If you want to read more about the gameplay methods an see a batch of screenshots,  it is also possible to delight in a different post from about a month ago. You can have a look at another gameplay trailer launched a few days back.

Right now there’s not any announcement perhaps or from Bandai Namco about any release for the west for the economy, so if it’s encounter across, we all ll need to wait and see.

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