Gearbox Boss Denies Rumor Alleging Borderlands 3 Exclusive Marketing Rights Deal with Microsoft

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Some time ago, a rumor sprang up on Rectify Gambling alleging, through the usual anonymous sources, that Microsoft was awarded exclusive advertising rights for Borderlands 3.

The rumor was bounced about by many websites, facilitating its popularization, as it often occurs to this sort of stuff.

Recently, Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford took to Twitter to deny the rumor, at least what concerns his particular game (the title of which hasn’t been officially confirmed yet).

Pitchford had words of passion for the media outlets that contributed to propagate the rumor.

Take-Two was teasing for some time the reveal of some “highly anticipated new name from among 2K’s most important franchises”, so we might hear the game soon enough.

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