Nintendo Switch Exclusive Octopath Traveler Gets New Screenshots Showing H’aanit, Therion, and More


To begin with, we expect to find H ’ aanit the hunter two personalities and Therion the burglar.

H’aanit has been 26 years old and dwelt for a long time for a hunter at a village at the Woodland region. Her master made she decides to leave to locate him and the village per year called “ Red Eyes ”. Her route action that is special is “Provoke” allowing her control beasts to fight “ or troublemaker off convince” them to escape the way, revealing routes.

She is also proficient with her bow, so permitting her to hit with accuracy. It also can help also to slow down the ’ action that are enemies and to increase the important prospect of allies.

Therion is 22 years old, in the Cliffland region. His past is unknown, but the noble and wealthy shake are made by rumors . His path action that is distinctive is “Steal” letting him acquire products which aren’t sold in stores and sell some of them. He’s great and very quick along with his dagger. Both HP and SP cans drain and will decrease the enemies ’ attack and defense power.

We get to view Rogue and Noble activities, that enable you to decide whether to become righteous or a scoundrel based on which actions you utilize. Noble actions may be used without chance of failure, however they re limited by level or currency. On the other hand, it’s potential while doing a lot of times may hamper your connection with a city, and executing actions, but nevertheless the innkeeper can restore it to neglect.

Lastly, we see stories. The game includes many quests that may be solved by employing course actions and often have many methods to view them.

It is possible to check the screenshots from below. If you want to find out more, you can also enjoy a recent trailer showing comparable content.

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