PS4 Getting a Mecha Controller for Border Break but Only if there Are Enough Orders


Japanese peripheral maker Hori declared the intention to produce a special mecha control for PS4, to be employed with the forthcoming robot battle game Border Break from Sega.

The PS4 version, in fact, encourage a mouse plugged in to the console natively.

The price is currently 18,338 yen, which equates to about $170, and orders are open till May 2nd. The caveat is laid by here. In case Hori doesn’t achieve more than 3,000 orders by the deadline (with maximum three orders each individual), the project will be canceled.

The control will release in Japan in 2018, if the project is successful.

Its designed to link into the PS4 using a USB cable that was 3 meters-long. Of course, these numbers are work-in-progress.

The controller doesn’t include a lightbar, vibration, motion detector, speaker, and also the ideal stick, which is replaced by the mouse (not included) such as aiming.

Those who will make the buy will receive a distinctive skin due to their mecha.

Whether the control (which you can see below) will really make it to the marketplace or not, Border Break will probably launch in Japan only for PS4 on August 2nd. Regrettably, Sega has not announced a release that was western .

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