Attack on Titan 2 Gets A Brand New PvP Option: Showdown Mode

PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

There’s been a good deal of Attack on Titan news from the last few months, including the statement of this anime’s year along with the game’s new Expulsion Mode. Koei Tecmo has no intention of letting the ball drop to the Titan-hype train, so   Attack on Titan 2 rips and roars its way to the limelight with the addition of another brand new mode for eager Titan-killing cadets.

Besides the already-present Expulsion ModeAnnihilation Mode, and   Predator Mode, the newest  Showdown Mode is now readily available for players to experience themselves.   Showdown Mode will be a 1v1 experience where players are tasked with dishing out the maximum damage to their opponents within the time limit to win. At the beginning of the match, Titans at the field will be related to teams; should you kill a Titan of the opposing group, then you’ll take down some of your competitor’s wellness. Conversely, if you catch one of your own Titans, then you’ll be able to restore a little bit of your own wellbeing in the process.   If you’d love to see a record of the activity, check out the preview below.

To access   Showdown Mode,  pick  Another Mode. From there, visit the white tent to the perfect side, also you can access the new Multiplayer Mode at an NPC using a world icon, where you are able to choose the mode you want to play.

You can have a look at our overview of this game here, in addition to our review of this first Attack on Titan if you so want. If you wish to pick up a copy of the game, then you can do this on Amazon right now.

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