Developer Eidos Montréal Confirms that “Deus Ex is Not Dead”

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Developer Eidos Montréal  has been busy to say the very least. Together with  Shadow of the Tomb Raider set to be released later this season on September 14th and co-developing that an  Avengers  job with Crystal Dynamics, several lovers of this  Deus Ex series were wondering whether or not there will be another addition to the cyberpunk series. Thankfully, Eidos Montréal’s Head of Studio David Anfossi has set those fears to rest and said, “Deus Ex isn’t dead, I confirm that. ”

As for the third game Eidos Montréal continues in evolution, a few fans have speculated that it’s another game set in the Marvel Universe, maybe according to Guardians of the Galaxy. One thing it will not be, however, is just another  Thief game. Anfossi was clear in denying any rumors surrounding the growth of a fifth Thief game. He added that while they are a large studio, they want “to focus on items we do and do it properly. ” Anfossi refused a fifth Thief game annually also.  

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