Divinity: Original Sin II Will Join Xbox Game Preview Next Week

PC, PS4, Xbox One

In case you’ve already been impatiently waiting for   Divinity: Original Sin II‘s August launch on console, you then’re in luck.   Yesterday, Microsoft inadvertently announced that the game will soon be available Wednesday, May 16th on Xbox Game Preview.

Yesterday, Microsoft’s in-home media site Xbox Wire included the popular roleplaying game on its own list of games to be released this upcoming week, however, it was quickly removed. Book Windows Central achieved to developer Larian Studios on Twitter who affirmed that the game will soon be joining Xbox Game Preview this past week. They added that the console trailer, in addition to pricing info, will be shown on Monday.

Divinity: Original Sin II was initially fully funded through a Kickstarter effort in less than twelve hours, also it marketed more than a million copies only a few months after its launch from 2017.

Back in April, Larian Studios declared that Divinity: Original Sin II will definitely make its way onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in August 2018 after formerly readily available for Windows on Steam. Meanwhile, those who wish to check out the first game in the series may grab it through Amazon.

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