DualShockers’ WeebCast Episode 06: The Renaissance of Japanese Games

PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Our WeebCast is a weekly podcast devoted to everything Japanese, and today you’ll be able to listen into its sixth installment, focusing upon the renaissance of Western games, a lot of which climbed to critical and fan acclaim over the last couple of years following a span of semi-limbo.

After viewing it that our weeb hosts (yours truly and Staff Writer Emily Hobbs) felt the need to go over the subject from the podcast because it’s really interesting one.

We talk about our favorite Japanese branded, and why they were successful among lovers of Japanese games, and even many that used to scoff at your normal JRPGs.

In addition to that, we also talk about the latest Japanese game news, anime, and a few tidbits about Japanese geek culture in general.

This podcast embodies one of those columns of DualShockers’ philosophy, as our site has ever been built on the notion embracing our passions, which is precisely why we have been striving to make a secure haven where gamers could be weeb as far as they desire, and be absolutely proud of this.

In case you missed it, you might even listen to the prior episode, focusing on the visual novel genre.

Constructive criticism and suggestions are absolutely welcome and encouraged, so please leave them in the remarks below. It is also possible to tell us which topics you want to see covered in upcoming episodes.

Now, with no further ado, you can listen to the DualShockers’ Weebcast below, either on YouTube or Soundcloud. You may also listen to iTunes if you so desire.

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