Elgato Stream Deck’s Latest Update Includes GIF Icons, Editable Text, and More


One year ago, Elgato Gaming introduced the next level of streaming gear to the gambling community in the form of the Elgato Stream Deck. Since it’s launch, this small bit of hardware has received a lot of upgrades, introducing new content and boosting the product’s overall value. On top of this being the anniversary, the merchandise’s maker has released a new upgrade to celebrate.

According to the press release, update 3.0 for the Elgato Stream Deck introduces four new features to the item – a drag and drop magical, editable text, GIF icons, and a revamped action list.

The new activity list’s new search bar has become more accessible than ever. In the new search bar, streamers can now type in a keyword in the question, and it’ll immediately open up all related actions about the keyword.   Besides a brand new search engine, streamers may also use the edit button beside the search bar, and then modify the actions listing to accommodate their tastes.

Similar to the custom key icons, the new upgrade now enables users to enable GIFs throughout their live flow, making the Stream Deck more personal and serve as a externalized version of its owner. While the editable text will allow gamers to customize the dimensions of the colour, font, size, and much more.

Finally, the new update also utilizes   drag and drop magic; streamers may now drag their first icons in the Key Creator straight in the site on the Stream Deck, eliminating the requirement for players to get the images and insert them out of there. The new drag and drop feature also allows users to drag an application into the picture and it’ll automatically create an “Open” activity with all the corresponding icon. In addition to that, players who drag an audio file into the picture, it will automatically produce a Soundboard activity.

You’re able to view a new video, which provides an overview of upgrade 3.0 below this article. If you want to know more about grabbing an Elgato Stream Deck today, you can purchase one on Amazon right now for less than $150.

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