Fortnite Patch v4.2 Officially Delayed Due to Unknown Issues

PC, PS4, Xbox One

With every game today, a new patch can lead to a host of other unforeseen difficulties, and Fortnite is no exception. While the server may be finished, it looks like there’s’s something wrong with the game’s next upgrade that is holding it back from being published, as Epic Games has announced that v4.2 of the popular game was delayed.

Unfortunately, the specific reason for the delay is unknown, but until it’so published, while all of the week’s challenges could be live at this time, some of them will be available until further notice. The developer announced the information through their official Twitter page.

At this time of the writing, there’s been no update as to when v4.2 will be available for download, although I wouldn’t expect players will have to wait around for too much longer.

Fortnite was released last July and  is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, along with Windows PC, in addition to iOS and Android devices.

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