Watch Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande Jam Out with Nintendo Labo from The Tonight Show


Since its launch, Nintendo Labo was giving kids, families, and pretty much anybody seeking to get creative the opportunity to construct a wild number of accessories for Nintendo Switch, also Jimmy Fallon appeared to put it into good use with the help of Ariana Grande.

Nintendo Labo played a prominent part in final night’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, at which Fallon and distinctive guest Ariana Grande performed alongside the show’s trademark house group The Roots using the Nintendo Labo to sing her song “No Tears Left to Cry. ”

Notably, the video itself includes several Labo creations which have yet to produce their way to the hands of Switch owners such as guitars and drums, although the Nintendo Labo piano, which is an element of the Variety Kit, makes its way into The Roots’ roster of instruments.

While the operation was unconventional from what fans may have expected, the use of Nintendo Labo to do Ariana Grande’s new single was definitely a creative and fun approach to do the new song, and given that   Ariana Grande appears dismissive to gambling herself, I guess it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to watch Labo used for it.

To get a closer look in Nintendo Labo’s music-making capabilities, you can have a look at the entire performance video out of  The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon under, together with a video from prior to the execution. If you have yet to catch one of those cardboard kits, then you can grab either the   Variety Kit  or   Robot Kit from Amazon today.

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