Fighting EX Layer Gets New PS4 Gameplay Showing More of Street Fighter EX Characters in Action


The footage reveals multiple unique games that show more of this game’s characters. Fans of this  Street Fighter EX sub-franchise should be very familiar with all of them.

We get to see   Shadow Geist, Skullomania, Doctrine Dark, Darun, Hokuto, ” Allen Snider, Jack (who used to be named Cracker Jack), and Garuda. There’s a few for everybody and every taste, regardless of the game’s relatively limited cast.

The game will probably  start in June to get PS4. The developers haven’t excluded the possibility of a Steam variation, but they don’t possess plans to pursue it since the team at Arika doesn’t have the tools to handle two platforms before launch.

You are able to take a look at the gameplay below. If you want to see further, you can also enjoy a recent trailer, also  a different batch of movies from a while back.

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