People Can Fly Opens Two New Studios to Work on Unnanounced AAA Shooter for Square Enix

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People Can Fly, a Polish developer known for their work Bulletstorm and Fortnite, is now working on a new IP that will be a AAA shot published by Square Enix. In order to have a group large enough to deal with this particular project, growth is essential, so people are able to Fly has started two brand new studios in Newcastle, UK and Rzeszow, Poland.

Based on  Sebastian Wojciechowski, CEO of People Can Fly, the Newcastle studio has been really created in September 2017. It is made up of former Ubisoft programmers, with the objective of growing by the end of the year to 20 or 30 programmers.

One the other hand, the people are able to Fly studio at  Rzeszow was formed more recently, and largely consists of programmers who were let move by CI Games as part of a restructuring procedure earlier this season. The accession of both of these new studios signifies that more than 150 people are working on People Can Fly’s upcoming AAA shot for Square Enix. You can check out Sebastian Wojciechowski full invoice on Producing the new studios below:

“Since people may Fly became an independent studio again, our vision is to build a group of talented and experienced developers that may develop the ideal AAA games. We decided in 2017 to start a new studio at Newcastle, the united kingdom, to draw not only local gift, but also to draw the greatest developers within the UK. We want this group to grow to 20-30 programmers over the next 12-18 months.

When CI Games chose to restructure its operations, we immediately made a decision to open a brand new studio at Rzeszów to permit those excellent programmers to continue working collectively as a team, and to contribute to the game we are working on. Our goal is to give both brand new studios, even in Newcastle and at Rzeszów, the chance to work on features or portion of the game independently from the Warsaw team. ”

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