Futuristic Racer Antigraviator Blends the Best of the Genre Without Adding Much More

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Developer Cybernetic Walrus’ Antigraviator is just another take on the futuristic racing genre similar to the F-Zero and   WipEout series. I must go hands with all the game recently and was extremely delighted with the gameplay however, I’m uncertain should  Antigraviator does enough to put itself apart from a genre with many titles like it.

Antigraviator takes place in the year 2210 after discoveries in terraforming and mathematics lead to a new racing tournament.

Each class lacks an optical map on the UI, which means that you’ll need to find out each track with every passing lap. I really do like when games in this genre do this as it can give an advantage to players that understand every track. Once you get started sailing through turns and moving over huge hills with ease, it’so simple to enter the flow of Antigraviator.  

Futuristic Racer Antigraviator Blends the Best of the Genre Without Adding Much More

Players can also activate traps along each course that’ll prevent your opponents — almost akin to Mario Kart‘therefore  items. Besides hindering the contest, they can activate a ton of other skills  that aren’t overly intrusive into the gameplay, making them feel a bit stricter compared to other games in this genre. I didn’t get to experience a great deal of these special powers, powers, and abilities in my presentation, but that I’ll be interested in watching how they influence each map when the game releases. As I said though; if you’re focused on the race, then they also’re not too overly intrusive, however they offer a small competitive advantage to those who master them.

The game also contains little power-ups  you’ll be able to catch on the map which’ll allow you to boost your speed — in case you’ve performed  Quick RMX onto Nintendo Switch  it’s similar mechanic on that game. Outside of these 2 things, Antigraviator is all regarding the race, and that I really like it occasionally when games offer fewer choices in the form of items that could hamper your competitors. The fact that players have to learn each map and their multitude of varying paths means each race feels regarding the abilities behind a motorist, and not about what they can make these sort of games feel unjust sometimes.

Futuristic Racer Antigraviator Blends the Best of the Genre Without Adding Much More

Visually, each map is extremely beautiful, so they’re a joy to play over and over again from the amounts I experienced. Maps vary from various unique locations and each seems fantastic, although you’re zooming beyond them. There’therefore a terrific sense of scale specific maps: you’ll be moving quickly over a massive hill and see this huge canyon incoming and, abruptly, you’re doing there. It’s all good and leaves the maps feel epic.

My biggest concern with this game is exactly what it does aesthetically. I enjoy the fact that the UI doesn’t take a lot of the display up; most of those items, you will need to watch are located on the automobile itself, so it’s simple to focus on nothing but the race. But, the game does seem a little too similar to the others in the genre, even more especially games like WipEout, Fast RMX, along with  F-Zero.   Currently, if these games are your cup of tea, I believe it’s safe to say you’ll find a great deal of fun out of   Antigraviator.   I only wish it did a tiny bit longer to set itself aside from these games, visually.

Futuristic Racer Antigraviator Blends the Best of the Genre Without Adding Much More

Antigraviator will give a split-screen style in addition to a ton of online modes for players to compete together. Position up will provide you with new skins for your vehicles. Players can also customize their vehicles to make them better in certain classes, but certain upgrades might hamper you in different categories in your boat.

Should you’re interested in checking out Antigraviator  yourself, the game will be released on Steam June 6, also will be forthcoming to PS4 along with Xbox One sometime this year also.

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