Black Clover: Quartet Knights for PS4 and PC Reveals Story Mode and New Screenshots


Today we hear of this game’s narrative mode. A some prior to the events of the narrative, a countryside aristocrat called Lord Freze was attacked by brigands in his estate. Following that, the family disappeared. Back to the current, Asta matches a fourteen-year-old boy named Yami. He doesn’t recall anything of his past, besides the fact he’s looking for a lady named Karna.

In addition, we get to watch Yami himself. He’s good on one versus one conflicts, along with his magic hastens his pace and pulls enemies in, making it a lot easier to attack them in hand-to-hand combat. Much like Asta, he will rely on high mobility and will jump and wall-run.

Another of his own abilities allows one to read an enemy’s religious energy, discovering them .

You can check out all the screenshots below.   If you wish to see further, you may also enjoy a current trailer revealing Yuno, another haracter preview containing the protagonist Asta, also a batch of recent 4K screenshotsthe first full trailer, and the first teaser.

A firm release date hasn’t yet been announced just yet for almost any region.

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