Horror Fighting Game Omen of Sorrow Adds Quasimodo to its Roster


Today, AOne Games and Soedesco unveiled the next fighter to get their upcoming horror fighting game Omen of Sorrow.

Quasimodo will be a very strong character in Omen of Sorrow, since he is able to hold competitions back with his hook and stage-changing skills. He is also capable to wall jump, which should help Quasimodo players escape from some tricky situations.

When it comes to the story of Omen of Sorrow, Quasimodo is tasked with protecting the Novel of Tears, a early artifacts that the eleven other fighters are trying to find a grasp of. The only person who ever loved him is the one which asked him to protect that publication, so Quasimodo protects it with his own life, whether somebody good or bad is attempting to receive it.

Like I mentioned before, Omen of Sorrow’s final roster will include twelve figures, and about half of them have been shown up to now. AOne Games and Soedesco are more promising to show more of the game’s playable characters and give the game a company release date sometime this Summer season.

Check out Quasimodo’s reveal trailer along with the first screenshots. Omen of Sorrow is currently poised to launch on PS4 sometime in late 2018, and could be pre-ordered on Amazon. 

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