Mothergunship Gets Demo on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

PC, PS4, Xbox One

If you’ve been looking ahead to Mothergunship and you want to get your hands on even a flavor of it as soon as possible then there is some fantastic news for you. Nowadays, programmers GRIP Digital and Terrible Posture Games have announced a demo for the first-person shot is currently available on all major platforms.

The demo itself allows players to mess about with all the gun crafting attribute which ’ll be available in the entire game. When you complete the behemoth of a weapon, you can then proceed to test it out in many different ranges and test chambers. Obviously not all the choices you’ll get in the full game are available in the demo, but it allows players to get an idea about what to expect.

For those that don’t know, Mothergunship is your spiritual successor to Tower of Guns, which was Terrible Posture Games’ preceding game, and essentially cranks everything up to 11 in terms of gameplay. Players will need to get creative with their own gun mixes and creations in order to fight many directors.

You may check out our preview of the game out of this past year by visiting this link .

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