God of War Developers Discuss the Art and Design of the Game


Since its release a couple of months ago, God of War was stunning players with its amazing gameplay and gorgeous visuals and sound. Last night, Santa Monica Studio teamed up with the Gnomon School of Visual Effects established in Los Angeles, California to perform a very deep dive to the manufacturing of God of War. For individuals unable to attendit was livestreamed about Gnomon’s Twitch account.

Clocking in at just under four hours, the event definitely went in depth heading replacements in the invention of God of War’s incredible environments and character design.  Santa Monica Studio also tweeted some of the visuals that were shared during the three panels.

You can watch a recording of all of the panels under should you’re interested in learning more about the animation procedure for God of War.

The game got a bit more information in Sony’s E3 2018 Press Conference last week with the announcement of A New Game+ feature that will enable players to carry their progress into a brand new playthrough.

God of War is now available only for PlayStation 4. It is possible to read DualShockers’ review of the game , and when you have yet to pick up the game, you can do this right now on Amazon.

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