Canyon Ridge Is a Personal Journey About Mental Health


Canyon Ridge from Vector Arcade tells an individual narrative of developer Aj Gonzalez’s mental health through an autobiographical game played via the display of a form of retro gaming apparatus called the O28i by literary company Ocron.

Canyon Ridge is a 2D visual adventure experience in which the player wakes up at a location they don’t understand. They’ll investigate the places they’re and be confronted with puzzles to solve as they debate the seriousness of their avatars mental wellbeing as hallucinations develop worse.

The game will include in-world puzzles to solve over the interactable UI of the O28i within an 8-bit style. Very similar to titles such as Captain Commander, or 8-Bit Nighttime , only presented in a more old school fashion. It’ll feature a single-action inputsignal, and there will be medication scattered round the world that may be consumed to restrain growing hallucinations from random actions.

Each room round the planet features different color schemes and interactable items. The teaser below shows the game in action and make sure you check out the screenshots too.

Back in 2012 Gonzalez has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and for a year then struggled with schizophrenic episodes. The drugs eventually stabilized Gonzalez allowing him to focus on studying and producing video games. After years of expression and researching a black laptop he maintained during his stay at the clinic, Canyon Ridge was produced.

Vector Arcade started its very first game “prog.1“, a name about a computer virus. That title was printed by Groupees Interactive, however Canyon Ridge is being published by Gutter Arcade.

Canyon Ridge is to be coming sometime this fall to get Android, iOS, PC, and Mac.

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