Gran Turismo Sport Championships Start Today, New Star Player System Introduced


The Gran Turismo SportChampionships are available for anyone to participate in and the Internet season lasts from June till September. More details are found on the website, but when players wish to participate in the online season they can do this by going to the Sport Mode on Gran Turismo Sport.

The last match-ups for the Gran Turismo Sport Championships will be hosted in a variety of locations around the planet and will be streamed live. Yamauchi-san says it will be exactly like their first live event exhibition last month. The Gran Turismo Sport World Tour at the Nürburgring that saw thirty Gran Turismo gamers from eleven states race against one another.

A new Star Player system has been introduced that will discover players that qualify and at the best 200 season stage positions –or the best ten of the country or chosen manufacturer– will have the ability to enroll for your Star Player title. Those who do receive the Star Player title will find their in-game motorist rating is going to be exhibited as an “S”. They’ll also be able to take part in the Top 24 Superstar Races to earn bonus points, here’s a snippet from the website:

“In certain rounds throughout the Online Race seasons, there’ll be a ‘Top 24 Superstars’ around where only the best players will be paired together from the race. Bonus points are awarded in this race, allowing players to get more things than at a standard race. ”

For those that wish to watch the event may download the Gran Turismo Sport Companion app for iOS or Android and see new stickers, stats for their favourite racers, highlights, and more.

Gran Turismo Sport gained over one-million players for the beta last calendar year, and if it established it dominated the UK sales charts along with PS4 electronic download sales graph in Japan.

Gran Turismo Sport Championships Season 1 has begun and Season 2 will start in July. August and September will see the last seasons of the online season. November will see the World Final occur.

Gran Turismo Sport is available on PS4.

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