Warriors Orochi 4 Producer Discusses Lessons Learned from Dynasty Warriors 9 and Warriors All-Stars

PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Over the Last Year, Omega Force along with Also Koei Tecmo have Launched both the Enormous crossover game Warriors All-Stars and the Available Globe Dynasty Warriors 9. Regrettably, neither of these titles were amazingly well-received. Obeying these experimental entries, this year’s Musou game, Warriors Orochi 4, is a more traditional crossover title.

DualShockers tried out Warriors Orochi 4 in E3 this year, and also interviewed Producer Masaki Furusawa about this upcoming title. During that interview, we asked what course Omega Force had learned in the evolution and release of Dynasty Warriors 9 and Warriors All-Stars, also Furusawa-san had any interesting responses.

When it comes to Dynasty Warriors 9, Omega Force tried to execute a open world to mixed results. Due to the Substantial challenges this Type of game presents, the Warriors Orochi 4 team decided to craft a game that follows the standard Musou style of gameplay a bit closer:

“With Dynasty Warriors 9, we tried to challenge ourselves using a open world. That was something brand new for us, therefore it was quite a challenging challenge. With this new name, we’re hoping to bring back things to the standard Warriors-type of gameplay. That’s a more stable and complete kind of game.

Warriors Orochi 4 actually has much more in common with Warriors All-Stars, as they are equally crossover Musou games. Throughout the progression of All-Stars, Omega Force had some difficulty bringing out the characters of all the personalities involved. Together with Warriors Orochi 4, they narrowed their focus down to only the Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors IPs, Although the game will still contain a Huge cast of playable characters:

“Seeing Warriors All-Stars, what we learned was that the difficulty in bringing the personalities of characters from different IPs. Each IP had their very own personality, so with this name we focused mostly on Samurai Warriors along with Dynasty Warriors. We expect this can meet most fans’ needs. ”

Dynasty Warriors 9 is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, while Warriors All-Stars could be picked up on PC, PS4, and PS Vita. For People that want to Buy Warriors Orochi 4 when it releases on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and also Nintendo Switch on October 16th at North America and 19th in Europe. The game can now be pre-ordered on Amazon.

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