Unravel Two Developer Explains That a Switch Version Would Have Taken “Another Half a Year or So” to Make

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Coming as the followup to the beloved first, Unravel Two not only surprised crowds with its show last week which we’Id be receiving more of this lovable Yarnie, but also was a surprise because the game was released right in the center of the EA Perform 2018 press conference. However, an obvious detail was the fact the game was not coming to Nintendo Switch, and now we know a little more of why the game hasn’t arrived for Nintendo’s system.

Speaking with GamesIndustry.biz, Coldwood Interactive producer Michael Gill shared some more insight into the development and release of Unravel Two, also addressed one of the more popular questions as to the game didn’t arrive for Nintendo Switch.

Especially, Gill gave an excuse that, ultimately, Unravel Two couldn’t arrive on Switch in time to get the game’s surprise launch last week due mostly to the extra development time and resources it have taken to adapt the game for the machine.

Gill said that creating a Switch version of this game “could have taken yet another half a year or so” along with its originally-planned release platforms for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A large part of the because his interview using GamesIndustry.biz clarified, was that the game’s technical demands go beyond its own appearance as a “simple platformer,” since the game incorporates many different kinds of effects and physics in motion, such as the game’s environments and their detailed laters, and the yarn physics employed on the game’so characters.

Gill himself stated that the Switch is “a machine made for Unravel Two,” but ultimately said that it would have been “hard ” to accommodate the game’s platform demands on on to the Switch, at least in the game’s present variant on consoles and PC.

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