Fear the Wolves Helps Out Players With Two Featurettes


2 featurettes have been shared on Twitter to give players an edge when Fear the Wolves hits Steam Early Accessibility this past week. Among the movies focuses on the eponymous wolves at the game, along with another lists the advantages of the various consumables that players may utilize.

As players attempt to live the radiation-ravaged Chernobyl, they will need to make decisions on how they will best handle the wolves that stem them at the game.  The fundamental guidelines given in the very first video would be to avoid using a lot of resources murdering the wolves, avert packs of them, and utilize them for your advantage if they strike other players.

The other video features the consumables that players may locate and use in the game. Common ones such as beverage and food are included, but others such as vodka and painkillers are revealed. At the game, guzzling down some vodka can give you some protection against radiation for half an hour, but it will also leave you with a drunken sway. The painkillers will provide you a small protection from explosives and guns, and they can even heal a broken leg.

Fear the Wolves’ shut beta only completed, and it didn’t go as easily as the programmers were hoping based on a post on Steam.  It is said that they are working to improve upon the big problems that players have reported up to now, and the closed beta will start tomorrow morning to check the upgrades.

You are able to check out the featurettes under, and you can grab Fear the Wolves on July 18th in Steam Early Access.

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