London Spitfire Will Proceed to the Overwatch League Semifinals

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Now the London Spitfire defeated the Los Angeles Gladiators twice Lending them a Place against the Los Angeles Valiant at the Semifinals.

Last Wednesdaywe saw the Gladiators sweep that the London Spitfire giving hope to the house crowd at the Blizzard Arena. Everything was looking great for LA together with the capacity to observe the following crosstown matchup, this time with larger cards around the table.

From what we ve seen today, ” the London Spitfire learned on Wednesday from their errors crossing the LA Gladiators but twice. In the first game, things were fairly aggressive as we saw the Gladiators potentially prolonging the game in overtime virtually making it to that second stage. London managed to shove on LA off the payload and acquire the map 2-1. After that, London chose the remaining part of the map wins for the match bringing the series record to 1-1.

With the Spitfire in great form, the third and final game was looking really intriguing. We watched the opposite today and now the Spitfire to that the Gladiators outplay wednesday. This game would last over three games. Unfortunately it didn’t.

London was able to escort the payload on Junkertown while London got stuck in the choke point between the second and third points. At Lijiang Tower, the very first map found the Gladiators nearly secure the stage but Gain and Birdring could remove all they could and move individuals off the point with sufficient time to capture the point. The Gladiator had no chance on map thanks to Birdring skill. London managed to cap off things with a 5-4 triumph at King’s Row moving them forward to the Overwatch League Playoffs.

London Spitfire will now have to compete in the Semifinals using all the number two seed, now ” that the Los Angeles Valiant, to proceed to the Grand Finals held in the Barclays Center in New York. On the other side of the mount would be the Philadelphia Fusion and the initial seed and residence of Overwatch League MVP Jjonak, ” the New York Excelsior.

The Philadelphia Fusion and New York Excelsior will kick the semifinals next Wednesday, July 18 at 5 PM Pacific. You’ll be able to stream the big event on the official Overwatch League site or even the Twitch channel.

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