Little Dragons Café Gets Making Of Video Starring Yasuhiro Wada and Tomio Kanazawa

PS4, Switch

Aksys Game has introduced the very first episode of a new series that discusses the creation and history behind Little Dragons Café together with the founder Yasuhiro Wada.

Wada-san explains that in the beginning, Little Dragons Café wasn’t always a game on dragons. It was more about the people who seen the café and the interactions you would encounter together. He desired the soothing feeling of this café to make the player feel great by just being there. The programmer also mentions that he considers his game enabled him to connect with everyone else on the planet.

Wada-san requested the manager of 7’scarlet Tomio Kanazawa to get assistance, and Kanazawa-san gave him some guidance and explained that the original thought for a little dull. He explained that there has to be something at the game that everyone can relate to. That’s how the notion of raising a dragon came to Wada-san. He adored Dragon Quest and Puzzle & Dragons, so that he believed there was some thing about dragons that was catchy.

You will get the full video under. Be sure you check out DualShockers’ full preview or details on the name ’s limited edition.

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