The Station Deluxe Edition Coming Soon to PlayStation VR and Xbox One

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Soon, you’ll have the ability to pick up The Station, Perp Games’ first-person Sci-Fi mystery game, at retail PlayStation VR.

Following the recent free research mode which allows the player to walk freely throughout the station in his or her own pace with each door unlocked, then the retail launch is going to be launched along with a VR update.

Besides virtual reality reality coming to The Stationthis title will also be available as a deluxe edition released by Perp Games. It will include an artbook, a game design document, the entire soundtrack, also an art group and backgrounds.

Even though The Station deluxe addition are also coming to the Xbox One with the majority of the included content stated before. Needless to say, the digital reality gameplay won’t be available due to the Xbox not encouraging VR.

Be Sure to look at more on The Station.  It’s available to perform at the moment on PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, and Linux.

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