Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is Perfect on the Nintendo Switch


You evaluate your entertainment options. There’s Cards Against Humanity that has, quite honestly, ceased being fun five years back. Of course, you can always boot the old Xbox One and get your friends to play Jackbox Party Pack, however, that’s already been a hat for a little while. Super Mario Party remains two weeks out from its launch and Super Smash Bros.. Ultimate is so far off sometimes it seems like a mirage. It’s true that you can try to turn your friends on an enjoyable indie multiplayer game such as Slam Land or (the unbelievably underrated) Super Sportmatchen, yet , you understand that your everyday, non-gamer friends will be operating at a small disadvantage.

A fantastic party game includes two fundamental components; a very low barrier to entry and the capability to be replayed infinitely. When many games manage to craft joyful multiplayer adventures, these encounters tend to be locked behind a specific skill level that many non-gamers find off-putting. As easy as it’s to get a gamer to pick up Overcooked 2 and immediately get into the swing of things, requesting the same of someone who’s held that a game controller would be somewhat foolish.

The central gameplay of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is really simple– the game forces you along with your buddies to defuse a bomb. However, there’s a significant caveat; the individual defusing the bomb is not able to look at the bomb’therefore guide, while the people considering the documentation are not able to look at the bomb. This division of labor stresses the need for detailed, yet succinct communication. Speedy communication is a necessity considering that the bomb will detonate if several errors are created or if time runs out.

Ahead of this past week, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes was just available for VR compatible programs. On such devices, the player holding that the bomb would be sporting a VR headset ensuring that they had been the sole person that could see the bomb. After the game was announced for consoles before this summer that I had been curious as to how this could translate to traditional, non-VR platforms.

As I assumed, the game simply tells other players not to examine the screen. Taking into consideration the manner that most living rooms have been set up, I imagine it might be hard for players to maintain their buddies honest without doing just a little furniture rearranging. However, the Nintendo Switch variant of the game has a much simpler, elegant solution.

Upon beginning Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes I took the Switch from its dock. Instead of having the bomb viewable in my tv, I held the Switch and then stood in the front of my friends as if I were enjoying a game of charades. This small change not just made the game more accurate to its first experience, it also allowed my buddies and I to play with the game where we wanted. Instead of being forced to sit down in front of a television, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’ Switch interface allows you to bring the game into the dining room table, the garden, or anywhere else.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes gracefully checks All the boxes of a party-staple. More than that, I’m excited to have friends over again shortly to give it another whirl.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is currently readily available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Oculus VR, PlayStation VR, Gear VR, Daydream, PC, OS X, and Linux. The game will be published tomorrow to the Xbox One.

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