Multiplayer Platform Fighter Knight Club Will Now be Free To Play; Shovel Knight Will Not be Playable


The multiplayer stage fighter Knight Club made by Gutter Arcade will be liberated to play beginning on August 30th. This was formerly exclusive to Humble Trovea monthly subscription service that lets you play a selection of games every month, but will be available to anybody.

To find the free version of Knight Club you will need to register to Gutter Arcade’s mailing list. To perform with friends, each player will need to subscribe to the mailing list.

In addition to the free to play announcement, the developers have also established a formal not statement trailer for Shovel Knight. Apparently, most fans have been asking when the popular Cartoon character will probably be making his appearance so much the programmers went forward and left a preview to describe he will not be appearing in the game. You will locate the preview (or whatever you would love to call this announcement movie ) below.

Make certain you look at DualShockers for several policy of games which do feature Shovel Knight. Knight Club will soon be available to download for free on PC starting August 30th.

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