Hitman 2 Will Include Updated Versions of Season One Locations as DLC

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Now, Io Interactive declared that it’s forthcoming sequel Hitman 2 will contain updated versions of the first season’s assignments.

Dubbed World of Assassination, all six places from Season One will be available in the sequel using all-new attributes including updated AI, battle, new items, and enhanced images.

Even the World of Assassination is supposed to become an ongoing venture into the world of Hitman. As Hitman 2 is upgraded, and so is the Season One assignments. New game modes are also upgraded including the recently revealed Sniper Assassin style which will acquire new maps once the sequel launches.

The trailer below shows Agent 47 implementing all Hitman 2‘s new features within the elderly locations. We see him use the new briefcase in Sapienza, the dart gun in Bangkok, a flash recorder in Marrakesh and much more. They also flaunt the improved visuals, particularly within the sequel’s Miami assignment.

Players that have already bought the first game will find the DLC for free. Season One owners will be able to get into the Legacy Pack once Hitman 2 starts on November 13, 2018, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

You are able to check out our preview of the Miami assignment from Hitman 2 if you would like to know what we believed.

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