Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Japanese TV Commercial Is Inevitably Awesome


The Western arm of Sony Interactive Entertainment actually knows how to create good trailers and advertisements.

While it’s fairly short (after it all ’s a TV commercial, and also those either last 15 or even 30 seconds)it’s definitely intense. Perhaps we’ll see him in dressed like Spider-Man closer to start.

You can check out the preview below. If you want to find out more about the game, you should read my hands on preview along with my impressions about the wonderful vibrating mechanisms . We have comments from Creative Director Bryan Intihar about the Potential for a movie, Mary Jane, along with the Avengers.

You are able to also see the american”launching” traileranother focusing around the open universe , take a peek at our movie showing the Marvel’s Spider-Man”hype train” which is presently running in Manhattan, also at some recently-revealed images comprising the villains.

The game starts on September 7th solely for PS4. You can already pre-order it around Amazon.

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