Check Out 15 Minutes of New Trials Rising Gameplay Footage

PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Ubisoft declared the official launch date for Trials Rising before this morning but now, we’ve got a lengthy new gameplay session that you view.

At a recent Ubisoft pre-Gamescom occasion, I managed to check into the brand new build of Trials Rising and test a few of many levels that it provides. All in all, it’s Trials as you’d expect, however the amounts appear to be much more mad than normal and make for a whole lot of fun.

Normally I have a tendency to suck gameplay videos like this, but I think I did fairly well all things considered. My next run in this video was one of the best times from anybody in case the day which I attended, so on mind to every one my peers in the business. In terms of my additional runs, nicely, they’re fine but that I might have done better.

Have a look at my conducts on Trials Rising below and don’t you dare pity me in the comments.  Should you’re thinking about pre-ordering the game, you also can do this on Amazon right now.

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